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Behind every PanSoy micro-entrepreneur there is a story of effort and struggle to achieve their dreams.

Today, these men and women successfully run their businesses, which in turn allows them to exercise their duty of social responsibility, thus contributing to the reduction of malnutrition in their communities.


“I have been part of the PanSoy Programme for 3 years. However, getting to this point was not easy, since the first time I wanted to be part of the Programme, I did not have my own packaged product.

The product that helped me get ahead and be recognized among my clients is leche asada (milk custard). I started my first sales at the market stall that I had and later I managed to become known among the students of the Campus of the University of San Antonio de Abad, in the city of Cusco.

What I like most about my work is being able to promote the use of natural ingredients and participate in various regional fairs within the city of Cusco. What excites me the most is being able to fulfill my next goal: create a logo and establish my own brand.”

Camila Huaynasi - Cusco

Pastelería Camila Gestora - PanSoy Plant 246


They are able to recover from negative experiences, to adapt to changes and to see problems as challenges to overcome. This proactive attitude contributes to the longevity and success of their businesses.


Success is essential.

At PanSoy we strengthen the confidence of our micro-entrepreneurs, because success is not only measured by financial results, but also by the development and personal satisfaction of having built a profitable business with purpose. Honing new skills, such as management, and the continued motivation to always learn more impacts their self-esteem and places them in a position of leaders of change in their respective communities.


Since I was little, I saw my mother, Luz Jayo, fight to raise our family and be able to provide my brother and me with the best education. In 2011 we met PanSoy and we understood the need to professionalize our trade in order to grow our business.

That is why we carried out market studies in our neighborhood and identified the opportunity and need to convert our small bakery into a restaurant. My mother and I did not hesitate, we asked for a loan, we knocked down the living room of our house and began the construction of a bigger dream: creating our own snack bar.

We never imagined how far we could go, serving more than 300 diners a day, offering them healthy and nutritious food, made with love, but above all, full of gratitude for having allowed us to be part of their life and grow with them.

Luz Jayo

Maluz - PanSoy Plant 18


For many years, my work life led me to neglect my family life. So I decided to quit my job and with my savings I chose to invest in a piece of land and become professionally independent.

I managed to open a mini-market in the Los Olivos district, together with my family and in 2017, at a Health Fair, I got in touch with the PanSoy Coordinators, who motivated me to apply and be part of the Programme. It was a path of many challenges, however, thanks to the unconditional support of my family, I was able to focus my work on the management and delivery of healthy desserts.


Throughout our growth as a business, for more than three years, we have provided aid to the Educational Institution "República de Argentina 2050". As part of our social responsibility commitment, we provide more than 100 healthy snacks on a daily basis to the students of the institution. This commitment, taken on with the support of PanSoy, has become the fundamental basis of the microenterprise, with solidarity being the main value ​​that characterises us.

Marilú Ricaldi

Fuente de Soda Marero - PanSoy Plant 274



The success of the PanSoy microenterprises is reflected in the well-being of their communities. It is not an act of charity, but of civic commitment, where each micro-entrepreneur commits to caring for their surroundings and neighbours, in order to reduce disparities. Social responsibility is everyone's duty.



From the choice of raw material, to the manufacturing process, PanSoy micro-entrepreneurs attentively oversee every stage, applying good food handling practices throughout and avoiding the use of additives; this results in healthy, safe, tasty and nutritious products available for customers and beneficiaries.


“I remember that I arrived in Lima at the age of 16, after having suffered due to the violence committed by the Shining Path terrorist movement. I didn’t even know how to speak Spanish.

After several different jobs, I met PanSoy in 2011, after having enrolled in a soup kitche. Thanks to PanSoy I formed my microenterprise “Muxsa” (it means sweet in Aymara). In my early days, I only knew how to prepare cakes; but today, I provide a catering service and I am a supplier to various stores, including one of the most recognized healthy product chains in the city of Lima: Flora and Fauna.”

Cristina Ricra

Muxsa - PanSoy Plant 30

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