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About us

PanSoy is a private non-profit institution committed to promoting the development of socially responsible gastronomic microenterprises in Peru.

Following a decade of activity, PanSoy is proud to leave behind a network of microenterprises, committed to ensuring the organisation’s legacy.



Invite existing microenterprises located in sectors of economic need, select them, provide conditionally as a loan the necessary working capital, train, accompany and monitor them.

Promote the microenterprises’ self-sustainability and social responsibility, mainly through the daily donation of free food rations based on soya, with the goal of combating malnutrition.

Transfer ownership of the working capital and guide the microenterprises in their business growth.


We improve nutrition levels and promote healthy eating in Peru

We contribute to the formalization and autonomy of gastronomic microenterprises

We promote actions of social responsibility

We help improve quality of life and self-esteem

We promote the commercialization of profitable quality products

We promote excellence in our work model and enable its replication

We favour the development of a network of self-sustainable microenterprises


Principles and values

Ethics, solidarity, and social responsibility


Compliance with the truth

Share experiences and skills

Courage to act and express yourself

Respect of commitments

Common sense as a complement to reasoning

Employee empowerment

Long-lasting performance

Customer-focused approach

Primacy of the common good


I believe and trust that the dreams that the microenterprises had when they joined PanSoy will not disappear, but will continue; with the motivation to achieve what they originally set out to do by applying and being selected to join the PanSoy Programme, taking on the responsibility of their work in every aspect of their life. These microenterprises generate a stream of solidarity and social responsibility in their community, which today, amidst the COVID pandemic, we appreciate as the greatest virtue, inspiring us all to be better human beings.

You, the micro-entrepreneurs, already have the recipe. You have contributed to building it.

Excerpt from the letter that Christophe Ricard, Founding President of PanSoy, wrote to the network of micro-entrepreneurs on May 11, 2020


10 years

Changing lives

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